About Jeremy

Jeremy Kasler has more than 20 years of experience in specialty finance, alternative asset investment and corporate strategy. Today he serves as the CEO of CaskX, a company he founded in 2019 that combines his passion for whiskey with extensive expertise in pioneering innovative new investment platforms. Kasler is widely regarded as the foremost authority on tangible asset diversification, and through his organizations, he strives to build profitable portfolios for investors around the globe.

An entrepreneur from an early age, Kasler founded Art Futures Group (AFG) in 2010, bringing his extensive knowledge of finance and business to spearhead the company’s successful development and rapid expansion. AFG rose to prominence as the world’s leading investment broker for Chinese contemporary art, dedicated to helping its clients profit from portfolios containing the market’s most exceptional finds.
As the first in Asia to pioneer a complete end-to-end art investment service, AFG undertook to open up the market, bringing art investment from the high-cost playing field of the elite to middle-class working professionals and Gen Y investors. By connecting artists directly with purchasers through its innovative commercial platform, AFG enabled purchasers to bypass the traditional middlemen of galleries, museums and exhibition halls, bringing the world of art investment to a much broader sphere.

Prior to founding Art Futures Group, Kasler had 22 years experience in international marketing within the property and investment sector. This wealth of experience and his lifelong love of art empowered him with the ability to be a driving force behind the setup and subsequent success of AFG, one of the world’s largest art investment brokers. As CEO, he was responsible for leading the company’s strategic growth and directing the standard of excellence that defined all company operations. Kasler sold Art Futures Group to Hong Kong-based Macey and Sons in an all cash buyout in August 2019. (View press release here.)

In 2019, Kasler launched CaskX with the goal of bridging the gap between distilleries and investors to bring the financial benefits of whiskey investment to the global stage, all while helping distilleries withstand the cash flow pressures that are inherent with whiskey production. The company has grown to serve investors and distilleries through offices in Sydney, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. By offering unparalleled transparency and advanced technology, CaskX is ushering in a new era of investment into the whiskey industry.